My life as of September 2014

I like making lists. So here are a few.

Things I am not happy about:

1. How messy my room it. In my defense it is so small that I have no room for anything! And I really don’t even have that many possessions. I SWEAR.

2. I will be in debt for the FIRST time in my life after I pay rent and a part of my credit card bill because I had to buy a Macbook for work.

3. My job at Yelp is not 40 hours a week, only 20. So I am working at a restaurant still. But it’s a really bougie restaurant so at least I can feel better about the tips rolling in.

4. John is in Copenhagen. We’ve been together 6.5 months, better recognize! #tinderlove #weliveinthefuture.

Things I am happy about:

1. I graduated from college this year.

2. I got a grown up job at Yelp and I get paid one dollar short what I used to be paid at Columbia University per hour.

2. I bought a new Macbook finally. Especially happy because I went six months without one after I spilled wine on the old one. (You lasted 4.5 years old chap! RIP Grendel)

3. John is happy in Copenhagen and god bless the internet, skype, Snapchat, texting and all these glorious inventions that make long distance less painful.

4. I’m paying approximately $13.5 dollars a day for my little apartment with two UW alum rugby players and it’s not bad at all. At least I know I’m pretty safe if someone tries to break in while I’m sleeping.

Things I look forward to:

1. Paying off my credit card bill.


3.Get into the swing of things at my job. Learn how to be better at working from home/my laptop.

4. Going to Copenhagen at some point in these next ten months.

5. Dreaming/Planning my move to Seattle/whatever city I decide on for sure. NYC is looking appealing again but I still remember how bitter I was when I last left.